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KBH Investor Accounting v1.6: 'KBH Investor Accounting v1.6' is a personal finance software program for investment portfolios that features a mark-to-market profit/loss accounting. In addition to the Mark-to-Market book, the program has a transaction Register book, a current Portfolio book, a Realized Accounting book with a first-in-first-out capital gain/loss accounting, and a Transaction input book. This shareware version of the program is available as a no-cost trial but should be licensed for extended use.

Download Note: The software downloads on this page are not digitally signed and will probably require that exceptions be declared to run on the user's PC computer. Use of digitally signed downloads would require that the developer have an expensive service with a digital certificate authority. However, the developer does provide a secure "https" connection to the downloads and that is an affordable feature. Furthermore, this webpage may be accessed as a secure "https" connection.

Download: KBH Investor Accounting v1.6

Download and installation: Download the program to a download folder. Find the file "invacttn" in the download folder and double-click it. Then "Extract all files" to an installation folder. Short-cut to "Invact3g" in the installation folder from the W'ndows operating system programs list.

Application Note: 'KBH Investor Accounting' is not related to any previous development by algorithm or programming language code. The current version is noted as v1.64 .

New Notes: New notes were added to the application text file on 04/04/2014.

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Professional Investors or Traders: 'KBH Investor Accounting Supplemental App v7.2' is available to professional investors or traders who license 'KBH Investor Accounting' on a yearly basis. This supplemental application outputs in a transaction format similar to a Form 4797 for those who can make their own forms and confirm their own accounting. Note, the file "Invsup7.exe" might have to be listed as an exception in the computer's virus protection software before extracting from the zip file. The file should be individually listed using its file path to the installation folder.

The Supp App

Additional Note: 'KBH Investor Accounting Supplemental App' doesn't have an output similar to a Form 8949. Otherwise, the best way to prepare a Form 8949 would be to just enter the Form 1099-B information into a Form 8949 PDF. A partial check of the Form 1099-B would be the familiar method of checking total sale amounts. However, the Form 1099-B also reports cost basis and wash sales. Form 8949 is allowed an attached statement but it must duplicate the Form 8949 format. However beginning in 2014, transactions that have the cost basis reported and that don't have wash sales, are not required on the Form 8949 but can just be totaled on the Schedule D.

KBH Applications: KBH Applications is a software/shareware development company owned by KBH of metro Atlanta, GA. The business is structured as a software consultant. Software licensing is by bank payment to the KBH e-mail address. Contact is to the KBH e-mail address.


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