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KBH Local Grid Application v2.3: 'KBH Local Grid Application' is a software program that converts latitude and longitude to local rectangular grid coordinates in the 'Latitude and Longitude to Local Grid' window. Both grid inverses of direction and distance and geodetic inverses are included with the output. The application also offers a 'Geodetic Forward' window that accepts latitude and longitude input, a 'Grid Inverse' window that accepts local coordinate input, and a 'Grid Forward' window that accepts local coordinate input. This shareware version of the program is available as a no-cost trial but should be licensed for extended use.

Download Note: The software download on this page is not digitally signed and will probably require that exceptions be declared to run on the user's PC computer. Use of digitally signed downloads would require that the developer have an expensive service with a digital certificate authority.

Download: KBH Local Grid Application v2.3

Download and Installation: Download the program to a download folder. Find the file "tcalgrd2" in the download folder and double-click it. Then "Extract all files" to an installation folder. Short-cut to "LocalGrid2" in the installation folder from the W'ndows operating system programs list.

Version 2.3: The 'Latitude and Longitude to Local Grid' window allows input of latitude within 1 degree of latitude of the first input point. Version 2.0 allows a grid width approximately equal to the latitude height. Of course the local grid can be set at any point in the world. Version 2.1 relates project scale factor to ellipsoid height. Version 2.2 allows two types of project scale factor. Version 2.3 is a recompile in an up-to-date development environment. Older computers should continue to use the previous version of v2.28 . The current version is noted as v2.34 .

Additional Note: An ellipsoidal Orthographic Projection was also implemented in the application but the results matched the original development of an ellipsoidal Local-Tangent-Plane-from-ECEF. The source for ellipsoidal Orthographic Projection says that there is no distortion at center and that scale holds within 1 part in 10,000 out to 90km from center.

Plot rectangular coordinates with 'Scratch-Plot' !

KBH Applications: KBH Applications is a trademarked software/shareware development company founded and owned by KBH. Software licensing is by bank payment to the KBHapp e-mail address. Contact is to the KBHapp e-mail address.


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