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Geodetic/UTM-Grid Utility v5.0: 'Geodetic/UTM-Grid Utility' is a GUI computer software program that converts Latitude and Longitude to UTM coordinates in the 'Geodetic to UTM-Grid' window and that converts UTM coordinates to Latitude and Longitude in the 'UTM-Grid to Geodetic' window. The 'Geodetic to UTM-Grid' window also outputs plane grid-inverses and geodetic-inverses in certain situations. This shareware version of the program is available as a no-cost trial but should be licensed for extended use.

Download Note: The software download on this page is not digitally signed and will probably require that exceptions be declared to run on the user's PC computer. Use of digitally signed downloads would require that the developer have an expensive service with a digital certificate authority. However, the developer does provide a secure "https" connection to the download and that is an affordable feature. Furthermore, this webpage may be accessed as a secure connection with "https://kbhscape.com/gps.htm".

Download: Geodetic/UTM-Grid Utility v5.04

Download and Installation: Download the program to a download folder. Find the file "geodutm5" in the download folder and double-click it. Then "Extract all files" to an installation folder. Short-cut to "GeoUtm5" in the installation folder from the W'ndows operating system programs list.

Updates: Version 5 outputs UTM coordinates to one-thousandth of a meter. The current version is noted in the text file as v5.04.

For local projects, it's KBH Local Grid Application

Plot UTM coordinates with 'Scratch-Plot' !

KBH Applications: KBH Applications is a software/shareware application development company owned by KBH of metro Atlanta, GA. The business is structured as a software application consultant. Software licensing is by bank payment to the e-mail address on this webpage. Contact is through the e-mail address on this webpage.


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