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KBH Forex Structure Application v4: 'KBH Forex Structure Application v4' outputs five different levels of stop and limit order combinations. The application also suggests position sizes that are not at risk of being immediately closed out by margin calls. This application output brings quick structure to a situation of highly leveraged and fast moving over-the-counter forex trading.

Download Note: The software download on this page is not digitally signed and will probably require that exceptions be declared to run on the user's PC computer. Use of digitally signed downloads would require that the developer have an expensive service with a digital certificate authority.

Download: KBH Forex Structure Application v4

Download and Installation: Download the program to a download folder. Find the file "forexnng" in the download folder and double-click it. Then "Extract all files" to an installation folder. Short-cut to "Forexn4" in the installation folder from the W'ndows operating system programs list.

Current Version: The current download is noted as v4.10 . Version 3 calculates a maximum position size relative to a one-percent fluctuation. Smaller positions may be used. Version 3 replaces a loop with a linear solution. Version 4 calculates with available funds as relative to either the first currency of the currency pair or the second currency of the pair.

KBH Applications: KBH Applications is an application development company owned by KBH of metro Atlanta, GA. The business is structured as a software consultant. Software licensing is by bank payment to the KBH e-mail address. Contact is through the KBH e-mail address.


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